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Music by Geoffrey Oryema

"LOVE LIFE ART- the words in the title of this retreat mirror beautifully what it was all about. I cam to the retreat with a friend, knowing it would be a moment of self reflection and relaxation, and a getaway from the busy work and family life I have. The retreat was that and so much more. It was a flow of fun, of a-ha moments, of connexion, of mental and physical relaxation and of wonderful people. Alison is an amazing person, artist, facilitator and leader with a fire that lights up a room. The location and set up were perfect. I am grateful to have had a chance to join this retreat and recommend it to all women seeking a moment to explore themselves or simply for a moment full of loving life with art ( and super tasty and healthy food, fantastic kahuna massage, yoga, journalling , walking and letting go!)" ....Nathalie

"This was such a meaningful time for me. I don't think I even noticed how much as I was painting. But since coming home I see how these days spent saturated in the joy, beauty, colour, freedom and abundance of this retreat did, indeed make my heart begin to awaken, to radiate, to burst forth with colour and light and hope. Thank you for creating such an amazing atmosphere where we could re discover our true and radiant selves as creatives, as women, as sisters in this crazy human family"...Amy

"It was such great fun. You went through a lot of hard work and it was worth it because everything was done to perfection. I discover the yoga, really liked it and meditation. The art was a discovery as well but I will not become an artist that is for sure but did put everyone at ease. the food was divine and you you went out of your way to make everyone comfortable and we laughed so much. Will consider to do another one ofcourse!" ..Claudie



It was just perfect. I will try to take back the inner peace Ive been feeling during this retreat, and I will definitely bring back the yoga and meditation practices into my daily life and also the art I want to paint for myself. It was just perfect- the activities, the food, the schedule but also the laughs, your energies and your smiles are what makes it even more perfect and powerful thank you! thank you! thank you" Mathilde





What an amazing experience!  Getting out the paint and creating something on a blank sheet of paper, something that comes from your heart and not your head, is transformative. And the images that appear, out of nowhere, are so enlightening. Ali is amazing, guiding you through the process, and then helping you to interpret what has come out and why..... I highly recommend a workshop and some one on one sessions afterwards to help you get the most from the experience - Lynne 


..feeling the emotions opening up and being able to express them with paint

...the process digging deep and then laughing

...the clay work , loved that!

...having time for myself,  the positive focus on myself

...connecting with other women and making friends

....Painting while dancing

....the gift out of clay for ourselves 

....candlelight meditation and group painting

.....drawing with my left hand


...loved it all!


Do you love yourself a little bit more?

yes, yes, 

a bit more, 

yes, yes, yes


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